We encourage everyone interested in GASS and/or transgender issues to join our Yahoo Group! It's a fun online community, and the very best way to keep connected to all the news and events related to G.A.S.S. and beyond.

It's easy to sign up. Just go to Our Yahoo Group Home Page. If you already have a Yahoo ID, just click on the blue "Join This Group!" button. If you don't have a Yahoo ID (or want to create a new one), click on the "New User - Sign Up" link at the top of the page. Create your new Yahoo profile... and then you are ready to start joining Yahoo Groups (starting with ours).

Once a member of the Yahoo Group, you'll be able to read messages that we send to all members... view the profiles and see photos (sometimes) of other members... and lots more.

Note: To become a member of the GASS Yahoo Forum, you must qualify as a transgendered individual or significant other. No "tranny-chasers" please. Please e-mail us at the address below if you have any difficulty.

Thanks... and see you at the G.A.S.S. Yahoo Group!