About Gender Alliance of the South Sound, Tacoma Transgender Resources

The Gender Alliance of the South Sound is a federal 501(c)(3) non-profit group dedicated to assisting the transgender community within the South Puget Sound area of Washington state. G.A.S.S. is open to all individuals who wish to learn more about their own unique inner self, and to meet and mingle with others who are likewise on this voyage of discovery. We welcome anyone upon the vast transgender spectrum: crossdressers, transsexuals (M-to-F and F-to-M), intersexed individuals, as well as spouses, significant others, friends and family.

Not only is G.A.S.S. a great venue for meeting new friends, we can help steer you in the right direction for whatever resources you may need to continue your transgender pathway efficiently and safely.

G.A.S.S. Statement of Foundational Beliefs:

    G.A.S.S. embodies and celebrates the wide diversity within the gender spectrum, believes that this variation is part of the human family's common, normal and natural predisposition, and supports the establishment of social and legal rights for all individuals who desire to temporarily or permanently present and live their lives in a manner different from the gender roles mandated by traditional culture. GASS rejects the notion of a gender polarity or duality in which there are only two accepted modes of gender expression, and disputes that one must remain fixed in the gender role assigned at birth or in accord with anatomical manifestations. Additionally, GASS fully supports the right to privacy, and encourages its membership to consistently maintain awareness of and respect for the confidentiality that non-conformist gender expression often requires.

G.A.S.S. Mission Statement:

    G.A.S.S. is a not-for-profit organization, located in and primarily serving the southern Puget Sound region of Washington state, and providing support, referral to resources, peer-to-peer support and fellowship for individuals who are transgender, crossgender, intersexed, androgyne, gender variant, cross-dresser, or are involved in activities or expressions of gender identity or presentation divergent from their gender assigned at birth. The organization also provides educational and social services, materials and programs for these individuals and their families, friends and allies. Additionally, the organization engages in community outreach and educational efforts to promote better understanding and acceptance of gender diversity, expression and identity issues, and works to establish and enhance the social and legal rights and protections for such individuals.