In conjunction with the Gender Alliance of the South Sound's goals of support and education, a Scholarship Fund designed to recognize outstanding transgender students and promote their educational goals has been created. Opportunities for gender identity minorities are in short supply, and the need for positive role models acute. This fund is intended to celebrate the achievements of individuals with "gender identity" minority status. The amount of the award(s) will be determined by funds available at the time they are granted and shall be at least $500.

This scholarship is awarded to out transgender individuals and is be based on a combination of achievements in the areas of academic excellence, leadership, extra-curricular activities, and on financial need. Applicants will be required to complete the attached forms and questions which will describe goals that the individual hopes to meet in completing their post secondary school education and in preparing for a productive career beyond formal education.

Although not required to be out as transgender within the community, preference will be given to those trans-individuals that wish to serve as "out and proud" role models for other transgender identified people. As visibly out trans-people these special individuals will be perceptibly challenging many of the societal prejudices that trans-folk encounter within educational and professional institutions.

GASS understands that some students would have reasonable and justifiable concerns about being out at school and/or work. As such, GASS could never expect all trans-students to feel safe enough to come out. It is for precisely this reason that this scholarship was conceived -- to offer assistance and to increase the number of out and proud trans-people. By doing so we create networks between professionals and emerging leaders and strive to help make it safer for more trans-people to just be themselves. GASS hopes this process will help to facilitate the growth and advancement of not only these individuals, but of our communities as well. And finally, GASS is committed to the concept that trans-people should be encouraged to help other trans-people. If trans service providers and professionals are not out, we may not be really able to affect this sort of change.


  • Transgender identified students attending a post-secondary educational program during the next academic year.
  • Not a prior GASS Scholarship award recipient.
  • Application is limited to trans-individuals who are living full-time in a gender role that differs from the one assigned to them at birth.
  • Applicants must reside within the South Sound region of Washington State which includes the following counties; Lewis, Mason, Thurston, Kitsap, Pierce and south King.... OR, if not from one of these areas, have personally participated in GASS programs (i.e. attended meetings, events, etc.)

    A panel of community members will review the applications and make preliminary selections for finalists based on their collective judgment of each applicant's overall achievement and skill in presenting goals in essay form, as well as financial need. The selection panel may request interviews of the finalists to determine the awardee. The scholarships will be awarded regardless of age, race, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, or other groups protected by non-discrimination laws.

    Applications must be submitted and post marked no later than May 31, and must include the most recent high school, college, or vocational school equivalent transcripts. Students applying should be sure that all completed forms, including references, are sent to GASS by that date. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


  • Grants are educational in nature and can be applied to tuition, books, fees, dissertation, or personal expenses.
  • Grants will be paid directly to the awardees, not to the educational institutions they attend.
  • Valid only for the next academic year.


  • Applicant's affirmation of their transgender identity.
  • Applicant's demonstration of integrity and honesty.
  • Applicant's participation and leadership in community activities.
  • Applicant's service as role model, mentor, colleague or adviser for the transgender communities as well as to non-trans people.

    Gender Alliance of the South Sound Scholarship Fund
    P.O. Box 496
    Gig Harbor, WA 98335

    Winners will be notified in June, and will be invited to attend the Out in the Park Pride Celebration in Tacoma held in July. The scholarship(s) will be presented

    GASS SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Click on the button below to help build the GASS scholarship fund. GASS is one of the very few trans organizations in the United States that provides educational grants to deserving trans students. Your donation here is directed specfically to the scholarship fund. Won't you help this great cause?